My New House: What I love and what I don’t

I am sure I have already shared the news with everyone that I have booked a house. And honestly, I am super excited about it. Its probably the biggest investment I have ever made – well WE have ever made (AB and me). And its THE most important thing on everyone’s to-do list. Its  still under construction but I cannot help think of how I would be decorating every corner of the house as soon as I get to move into it.

Basic Details:

So, this is a modest 2BHK flat on the second floor. The super built-up area is 1320sqft. North Facing house.

This is a blueprint of the house.


The Pros:

What I love about the house?

  • The masters bedroom has wooden flooring.
  • No common walls!!
  • The super duper huge Living room – usually 2BHK houses have small living areas – and my huge sofas would never fit in. I am not ready to let go of them yet – i love them too much
  • The Washroom fittings are Kohler – and I am huge brand person. Its very important for me to have branded finishing in the house and the builder has taken care of that.
  • Separate Living and Dining area – L Shaped to be precise. I do not like the extended ones. Its easier to separate the two areas and when entertaining guests.
  • My flat is in the 3rd wing – so its far enough to avoid the noise on the main road and yet it isn’t too far. I like to be in the hustle bustle too – I am a true city girl. I love the noise.
  • The 3rd wing advantage – we have the clubhouse in the same building. Yayy!!

The Cons:

Things which would have been nice to have!

  • The washrooms are both connected to the rooms. There is no common entrance for the washroom from the dining area. Hence to use the washroom, a guest would actually have to enter the second bedroom – so much for privacy
  • The house just has one deck. It would be nice to have another deck probably connected to the bedroom. Also, it would have been nice if the deck was connected to the living area instead of the dining area.
  • The second bedroom is a bit dingy – less light. 😦


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