My New House: How We Found Ours!

How We Found Ours

This is not really a home decor post – its more of how WE found OUR house! And this is DIFFERENT – AB and I recount our experience as we bought our first house. And this is also the first Guest Post (well a shared post). And this one is really close to my heart – Since the love of my life shares this post with me.

In Conversation with hubby

AB: A couple of years ago, when I had moved down to Bangalore – I was looking for a place to stay. A place where my wife and I could set up our house and call it home. We had a basic idea of what our new home in Bangalore would be like and so we rented a house that fit the bill – good locality, spacious house etc. And then, eventually, we realised that it was time for us to buy a house because there were limitations to living in a rented house. This was not our house – it would always be rented. There were always a set of dos and don’ts that came attached with the rented house. Whenever you take a rented house there are things that you make do with – things that you would not actually like to be a part of your house but its a package deal (like the woodwork or the tiling or the lighting).

Me: Also, it was a year since we were married – buying a house was the next big thing on our agenda. We figured that once we have a house of our own – everything else would follow. So, we had started looking for a house to buy.

AB: Looking for a house is not an easy job. There are so many things attached to it. If the location is good, the house is not. If the house is nice – it does not fit into into your budget. If it fits into you budget it is under construction and the possession date would come in later. We had to take into account a lot of things and so when we started looking for a house in the beginning of 2012 – we were thoroughly confused. What should we pay more attention to – the location or the budget (should we stretch or not) or the house in itself. And after looking around for a few months I decided that we should give it a break – sort out our priorities first. We needed to decide what was more important to us – and since everything was getting overwhelming a break was necessary.

Me: When we started looking at the options for the ones that were ready to move into – we either did not like the society or the apartment or the woodwork done in it. Or the ones we liked were way above our budget. And then there were these apartments which were already lived in and somehow the idea of moving into Our First House, that has already been lived in (read destroyed mostly) was not too appealing. So when AB decided to take “break” I thought we were giving up on the idea of buying a house completely.  😦 I cannot tell you how sad and disappointed I was(I am the melodramatic one)! I had already planned my Grih-Pravesh puja (a house warming puja done in Indian homes), decided my guest list and then the whole idea got dumped! (Yes! I am one of those people who sees something and plans a whole future around it.)

AB: Post the break, we took up house hunting again in August 2012. And this time around we meant business. We looked at quite a few options. We spent Saturday Morning going through the ads of apartments in Times Property and Common Floor and the rest of the weekend visiting these houses. Though challenging, this hardwork proved fruitful. Around October 2012, we had shortlisted around 3 properties that fit our budget and need and now we had to select one of them and make our decision. 

Me: So after seeing a lot of houses – we had finally shortlisted 3. And then began the huge debates. During the months of October and November, we would wake up every morning with pros and cons for one house versus the others and by evening we liked the other one better. I would label this period of my life as the most confusing ever.

AB: We finally made our decision and picked our house – the location, the house, the quality of the house – everything fit perfectly.


Me: Our house-  It was a spacious 1320 sqft 2BHK property. I hate those really small 2BHKs which are like 800-900 sqft in area (and there are plenty in the market). My problem with these really small houses was that the size of the living rooms were often compromised. And I love large living rooms. So a 1320 sqft 2BHK house was exactly what I wanted. And hence we had almost settled on this. We just needed someone to reconfirm our decision. So, we waited for AB’s parents to come over. My FIL is into Real Estate. He was the best person to give a final verdict on the property (you know – location wise etc). They loved the house too and we booked it in December. And that’s how we found our ONE (and booked it too)!

Us with our house



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