Spotlight: Hometown Marthahalli

After a good experience at Mother Earth – you know, when I bought real cheap decor items on a Friday, I decided to head to Hometown (of the FuturesGroup – BigBazar, Central fame). They too had this big SALE sign outside their store. So in I went. And the first item AB and I saw was a console table priced at Rs. 40,000 with a 50% sale (so it ended up being Rs.20,000). And AB’s reaction was – “What the hell? Since when is a console table priced at Rs. 40,000?”. Anyways, I was here to buy six cushion covers for my sofa and wine glasses. Not to buy a console table. I did make a mental note – Do not do new home shopping at Hometown for furniture. The dining tables they had had the worst finish ever. I was told that they would give a fresh and finished piece – but somehow I could not trust their sales person (who by the way belonged to the laziest bunch ever).

So Iike I said I wanted to buy AB a set of wine glasses – the last time we had wine in our place we had to have them in regular glasses in which we usually serve water. We selected a nice set of 4 – and asked the sales person to get us the fresh set. And he did not have any. So I selected another one and they did not have any stock on that either. This went on for sometime till the “super intelligent” salesperson realized that everything in that shelf was over and they should have labelled it as Last Piece and closed it down. I mean who would buy just 1 wine glass???!!!

The wine glass fiasco was over and we headed to the 2nd floor to buy cushion covers. And I picked up 6 really nice cushion covers – I must say they have the best collection of cushion covers and bedsheets. I loved all of them. The only flip-side – no sale on cushion covers or bedsheets. 😦

Overall, the trip to Hometown wasn’t pretty great – I don’t know whether its something with the FuturesGroup brand or something but the sales and marketing department at Big Bazaar, Central and Hometown needs to improve big time. They do not know anything about managing inventory and being able to make a successful sale. Stepping into one of these is like stepping into a State Bank – where the sales guys are doing you a favor (the officials at the a State Bank are doing you a favor by giving you your own money). I was so overwhelmed when the lady at the Cushion Covers and Bedsheet counter was decent enough to help us find our cushion covers.

Some pictures of my lovely cushion covers. Wine Glasses are still pending!

Cushion Covers


  1. archonline

    whenever i went to hometown, i just drool over the settings and go over the areas to pick up ideas only and nothing else.. we wanted to have some bosch drill set and it was never in stock whenever i visited there.. didn’t know it was the same with essential small items too..

    nice covers.. 🙂 happy blogging! happy to find bangalore interior blogs, which is very rare…

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