My Travel Diaries: Jaipur

Have you ever been to the Capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur? Its known for the numerous forts and palaces of the Rajputana time. The architectural beauty is a sight to behold. Just the thought that there were kings and queens, prince and princess who lived in this enormous and gorgeous palace – its so majestic. Luxury to its full best! I will not say much because the pictures I took are worth so much more!

Feast your eyes:

Amer Palace (probably the one of the most visited landmark of Jaipur) looks gorgeous in Yellow amongst the Green mountains from Nahargarh Fort.


The fort boundaries of Nahargarh:


That’s AB looking outside from one of the “jharokha” (windows)


And the Yellow Walls


AB Clicking away to glory


Another view of Amer Palace


So, did you like my first Travel Diary post? No home decor blog is complete without a post on travel – and that is because its only from your travelling experiences can you bring more colors and different elements into your house (that’s my mantra)! So travel and discover the artistic you.


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