I Shop, No Crime

This is a poem I wrote 4 years ago… And I still live by it 🙂

This is an ode of a different kind.
And ode to what I call my hobby,
My favourite pastime !
I shop, No crime 🙂

I shop, No crime
Debit or Cash
Maybe Credit sometime
Birthday, Anniversary
First salary -Any occasion
Sometimes even to forget
A nasty Brawl !
I shop, No crime.
Footpath to UCB
Price tags and Sale signs
Are pleasures of a different kind.
I shop, No crime.
Shoes, Clothes
And handbags.
Scarves, Bangles
And Perfumes too
Colors and Glitter
Play the role of Pheromones
And I get pulled
Like a child to the sweet shop
I confess and admit
I shop, No crime !
Carrying the shopping bags
Is like flaunting your trophies
And when there are more bags
In your hand
Than the person next to you
Its like an achievement
A success of a different kind
I shop, No crime
The feel of a new fabric
The smell of a new leather bag
The joy of cutting the price tag
The pleasure of wearing the new dress
I repeat
I shop, No crime
But at the end of the month
When I am left with no money
In my bank account
And have to manage
With a thousand bucks
For two weeks or more
My mother’s words ring in my ear
“Save money, honey”
And then I feel
I shop ! But don’t save !!
Sigh ! Not a crime
But am left poorer
After one of these shopping expeditions to the mall.
I shop ! No crime ??

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