A letter for Mamma

Mom with Me
Mom with Me

Dear Mamma,

You are a wonderful mother, a dutiful and loving wife, and a great human being. You have accomplished so much in life – your daughters are independent women. Your husband loves you a lot and everyone who knows you admires you for your poise and elegance. And while, for women of your generation that has been an accomplishment in itself – I have seen you yearn for more.

While you were always a proud Mrs. Sumit Shekhar at a Family Day at work, or Ankita’s and Rashi’s mother at all PTAs, I always knew you wanted more. Call it our umbilical relationship – but I knew that you wanted to be knows as Rashmi Aparna Shekhar too. You wanted to be an individual who had accomplished something of her own. You wanted Dad, and the two of us, sisters, to be known as Your husband and Your daughters.ย Unfortunately, Dad’s transferable job and then our studies kept you busy. So busy that we grew up, got married and you still had not found your individuality. I must apologise on behalf of all three of us (Dad, Rashi and myself) to keep you away from yourself. To keep you so engrossed in our own troubles that we never left you enough time to find your calling.

And then one day, just like that – you decided to turn into a Fashion Consultant and open up a Fashion Studio of your own. And I knew that THIS was your calling. And even though you are almost 50 and your fashion studio is based out of the third room in our house – I see the glint in your eyes when someone refers your work to a friend, neighbor etc. I see how happy you get at every order of a wedding lehenga. I see how you religiously sit every night trying to update the Facebook Page of your fashion brand RAS (Rashmi Aparna Shekhar) with pictures of clothes you design, taken from your ipad. And even when you crib everytime I call you up to find out how work is – “Oh beta, .. I do not have time to breathe.. why did I start a business at this age“, I know you are FINALLY happy. You have found yourself.

You inspire and motivate me everyday to excel at work or everything I do, because if my Mom can start a fashion brand at 50, I would have something in my genes which would show the same drive. Love you Mamma!

Your Admirer and Your Daughter!

(This post is a part ofย As Beautiful As Your Work contest via Mia Tanishq)


  1. Amruthaa

    i stumbled upon your blog looking for UL reviews.. but i totally loved the blog that i found.. and most of all.. this post.. it’s b’ful.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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