The ZARA Haul

SALE Season – almost all great brands are on SALE. ZARA, Promod, MANGO, ALDO – you know, all of them ARE on SALE. So on Saturday AB and I decided to make it a date – watch Wolverine in the new PVR Cinemas at Phoenix Market City (Whitefield) and then do some shopping. And since it was the SALE season – I assumed that I would be shopping for a lot of stuff. I had already made my list – some accessories from MANGO, some tees and maybe a pair of denims.

And so after watching the movie (which by the way – was not good at all. Except for the scene after the credits – totally worth it!), I started my shopping expedition at ZARA. And it also ended there. Funny thing – the one item I really liked was probably one of the only few items which was NOT on sale. Damn! Now you understand why have I used SALE so much everywhere… pun intended!

Anyways it was completely worth it. I love the denim trousers – light blue in color. It gives out a very cool vibe (or maybe its just me :P).

Zara HaulZara Haul Zara Haul Zara Haul

Blue Basic Denim Trousers : Zara

White Gorgette Top: Zara (A gift from AB)

Brown Belt: ESPIRIT

Blue Peep-Toes: Delhi Promenade (A gift from my sister)

Photo Credits: My wonderful and ever loving husband!

You can find me on Pinterest and Instagram also sporting this look!


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