Sangeet Trousseau

Sangeet traditionally was a Ladies only function and was hence called Ladies Sangeet where all the women folk of the family gathered one night/day. They would sing dance and make merry. This lately has evolved into a fun night where gender has ceased to remain a barrier and the entire family, in some cases both the families (bride and groom), gets together to sing dance and make merry.

And such was the day of 3rd September when we celebrated my sister’s sangeet ceremony. We had a small gathering of around 70-80 odd people. All close family and friends, a super DJ, good food, lots of booze and a stage and dance floor. Needless to say, everyone let their hair loose and we saw the entire family get together to make this a success.

We danced to a whole array of bollywood songs. And while we did that, it was important that we looked good. AB and I were dancing on Dilli Waali Girlfriend, and from the day that we had decided on the song, I had wanted AB to wear something on the same lines as Ranbir Kapoor.

I wanted to wear something really colourful, and in contrast to what my sister was wearing. I did not want to steal her thunder but did not want to look to plain Jane either. I had finalised on the style – Floor length Anarkali, but the colour combination was an eureka moment when I was sitting at work. Strangely all my bright ideas come to me then. And so Blue and Yellow it would be.

My sister had decided to wear a halter bright pink blouse with green saree. She had worn a similar combination during my sangeet, but it was an anarkali then. Saree made her look elegant and sexy.

I managed to convince Mom who has a fashion brand based out of Gurgaon, to create something on the same lines as Ranbir’s Kurta for AB. Dad loved the idea and he wanted one for himself too. You know father-in-law son-in-law duo walked in wearing a similar combo. They looked real handsome.

Mom was dressed in a white and green saree. She looked divine. After all she is my mom.

I just loved how all of us looked gorgeous and amazing. And so want to share these pics from the Sangeet Day. Hope you guys like it. It was all planned in such a rush, but I am very happy with the end result. I don’t think I would have done it any other way. Kudos to Mom for designing the whole thing in less than a month’s time. She is a ROCKSTAR!

And now enjoy the pics 🙂

The Entire Family

The family

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

My Blue and Yellow Anarkali


AB in Ranbir Kapoor style


Picture 359

Mom and the Bride

The Bride

The showstopper: BRIDE

All the clothes were created and designed by MOM’s brand RAS. I do not recommend her work just because she is my mom, but I actually feel she had done a great job. I would not have taken a risk of trusting her with the entire trousseau if I did not know that she is ACTUALLY really good. You can reach her at her FB page here.

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