My Travel Diaries: Goaaaa

Ollla folks! I have this weird weird habit of going to places during off-season. Yes I am a little spend concious. But the true reason is not the availability of funds but availability of an occasion. When last year in May I was at Neemrana, it was for my Dad’s birthday. His birthday fell during one of the hottest possible month in Delhi and a birthday called for an extravagant celebration.


This year I chose another inappropriate destination during May – GOA. Occassion – a friends birthday (a lot of the folks I know are Taurean). And off we were to Goa. We stayed at Chalston Beach Resort at Calungute (North Goa). Our experience was heavenly. Yes it was pretty hot – but we spent the day either under a shack or in the swimming pool. That ways we avoided the direct sun. And as soon as evening struck we would be off to the beach.

Hubby In Goa

The Resort

Now our resort was by the beach, which meant it had its own private entry to the beach. And that is a BIG selling point for a North Goa resort. It also had a nice shack which would be all lighted up during the night – it had a serene and calming feel to it. Such a huge stress buster to sit in the shack and listen to the waves hit the shore.

The Beach

Tip for the trip: The rooms in the resort were small but clean. And when in Goa how much time do you really spend in the hotel vs the beach?! So do not go about spending too much money in the hotel room until and unless you really want to go extravagant and stay in a plush 5 star property.

Also you must try the Goan food – it is amazing. Now I do not experiment with my food much but courtesy the birthday boy and his wonderful wife I did try a lot of Goan food and I must say it was good. So shed the inhibitions and go Goan 😉

The Gang at Goa

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