6 Lessons from Golmaal on Boss-Management

This is for my Indian friends – the ones who are BIG BIG Golmaal (old hindi movie) fans!

6 Lessons from Golmaal on Boss-Management


  1. Be ready to do anything (as long as your integrity allows) for good money. Remember Ram Prasad wearing those ultra short mini-Kurta to work? So be happy and do not crib about formal dress code.
  2. Do your homework on your new boss.. You don’t have a Doctor Mama but you do have LinkedIn.
  3. Use your positives to your advantage. Make your most random attribute your biggest strength. Remember – Moustache is the mirror of the soul. Play your strengths correctly.
  4. A little lie does not hurt anyone. It’s all about making the boss happy – remember Ram Prasad’s interview “Pele-Rele”!
  5. Never get caught! No you cannot use the “that wasn’t me, that was my evil twin” logic. It has been overused
  6. Keep the boss happy. He can be the key to your happiness. Keep him happy and if you are lucky you might even get a beautiful wife next appraisal (Bindya Goswami). Just kidding! Don’t take me too seriously .. Good hike is it!

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