Getting Chalked (A Selfie-d Chronicle)

This weekend – I was invited by Jean-Claude Biguine Salon to experience the Hair Chalk. They had Style Directors brought in to Namma Bengaluru from Mumbai who were going to style the hair and then chalk it to give a spunky makeover. I was super excited. I needed a haircut badly and then I had been dying to try the hair chalk. I have always wanted to see what red streaks on my hair would look like. So when the opportunity to have this temporary hair colour applied to my hair presented itself I could not contain my excitement. The hair chalk colours are said to last for a maximum up to 8-10 washes. This ofcourse depends on the texture of the hair. For some it may get washed off in just a few washes. (After 3 washes the hair colour has faded. Faint traces remain.)

On Saturday Chipem, the Style Director, first gave me a hair cut and then applied the hair chalk. The hair cut was amazing. My hair is really thick and voluminous which sometimes makes it unmanageable and I cannot leave it open because it never behaves itself. Chipem gave me a textured haircut which solved for the unmanageable volume. My hair is now behaving itself after a thorough wash too.

A lot of girls have been talking about hair chalk and I thought it would be a good idea to detail my experience

Pros of the hair chalk:

  • Its a great idea if you want to do something different for a party or an occasion.
  • Its temporary so you can try different colours – Red, Pink, Brown, Blue, Green and Purple
  • Its Ammonia Free!
  • The colour definitely stands out – I have black-brown hair and the red highlights were standing out. I did not have to bend my head in the sun a certain way to see the shade

Cons of the hair chalk:

  • It is a chalk based colour – which means that it gives a slight rough feel to where is it applied. This roughness slowly goes away with consecutive washes.
  • The colour bleeds after every wash – so you would want to be careful if you want to step into the rain. Or after the shower. I used a dark towel to dry my hair. But I am sure if I had used a white towel – it would have shades of red on it. So be mindful of that.

I would recommend getting your hair chalked atleast once for the novelty factor if nothing else. And if like me you have been dying to colour it but are scared of how it would look – try the hair chalk. It would tell you if the idea is a “Yayy” or a “Nayy” immediately and you can put your confusion to rest. It is a great idea to look different for a special occasion – a party or a wedding.

Selfie Chronicle:

Now for the pictures. I decided to take a series of selfies to take you through the experience. Let me know if you liked it. And if you have got your hair chalked too – do tell me about your experience below.

(The hair cut and hair chalk was a complimentary service provided in return for the review – The review however is straight from the heart)


  1. A.D!!

    The hair color and cut looks absolutely lovely on you. Also, when you say temporary how long exactly are you talking about? Does it stay for a couple of washes? I’ve been meaning to try the hair chalk but I’ve just not been sure how it works.

    1. thebangaloresnob

      Hey A.D.. THANKYOU!! I was told that it lasts upto 10 washes at max. I have washed my hair once and the colour is still intact. I will update the post on the exact number of washes that it lasts for. You definitely must give it a try!

  2. raima.masha

    Five washes down and my hair still looks as good as new.. 😛 But then again I have soooper rough hair, it may last for a shorter while on silky smooth hair..

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