Watch{kart} Mania

I have recently fallen in love with online shopping. Why? Because it is simple, dependable and easy on the pocket. I shop for everything online – groceries to shoes. My favourite kind of shopping ofcourse is when I am shopping for a fashion accessory. Watches for me are the most essential component of any look. I cannot imagine stepping out of the house without a watch. Gone are those days when 1 watch was enough. I remember my favourite watch was gifted to me by my parents when I had passed class 10th board exams (I guess they were really happy I passed). And I went through the rest of the school and college with that 1 watch. Today I am bugging dear husband for my third watch already.


Well, do not look at me judgmentally – have you seen the collection on They have everything and EVERYTHING up there that I desire. I have been recently gushing about the rose gold watches. They are so trendy and add the bling to any outfit instantaneously. And Watchkart has all the options available. I know this because I have been doing these rounds of stores in the malls and I am unable to find a collection to choose from, but a simple search on Watchkart got me the below options.


Apart from the rose gold watches for me, I also like the following options for dear husband. He has been taunting me about only making online purchases for myself. I have been totally loving the Casio Edifice series. I intend on buying one of these and I think I might just keep it for myself. The more the merrier! (If you have not noticed yet – each of the below watches too have the rose gold touch).


If you are looking to buy a good watch – please head to They have a great collection and an option to pay by EMI. This will allow you to buy a good watch and pay off the expense in 6 EMIs. And they also offer a 14 days return policy. For those of you who like to get a product in hand and then only pay for it – there is a cash on delivery option too.

(This is a collaboration with Watchkart – but as usual its directly from the heart)

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