Circus{ing} Around

I love to travel – who does not? The whole thrill of the journey is an adrenaline rush in itself. And the months we spend in thinking about the travel and planning on what to wear when. But then packing can be quite a daunting task. Especially if you do not have some essentials. Now, I did not own a travel kit. My husband had a shaving kit which did double up as a travel kit but then the zipper broke and I did not replace it. And whenever we traveled, I made a mental note to buy a travel kit the next time. But somehow it got de-prioritized post the journey. Yes I tend to procrastinate a bit. So for almost 3 years I have been using a plastic cover as a travel kit and it is a hazard.

IC_11During my last Goa trip, I packed everything (cream, brush, make up etc) into this plastic bag, and folded it and kept it in the bag. When I reached Goa – all BB Cream had leaked out and the BB Cream tube had come out of the plastic cover. All my clothes were spoilt. I spent a long time getting the cream off my favourite clothes. 😦 I definitely did not want to procrastinate anymore.

And luckily India Circus came to my rescue. The colourful quirky travel pouch was just what I needed. It is really spacious and can hold all your makeup essentials. I am now a proud owner of the India Circus Travel Utility Kit. Now, I know that it is ideally meant for travel, but it is such a great way to store all my favourite cosmetics all the time. It can also double up as a shaving kit for dear husband. It is a perfect travel partner.

In the pictures below you can see me circus-ing around with it (literally)!





(Travel Kit – c/o India Circus)

Product Review:

Material: Faux Leather. This is decently sturdy. I have actually moved all my make-up into it and it has not stretched or torn itself out. But try not to stuff it completely. The website does say that it Needs Love (Care Instructions)!

Design: Design is definitely an A+. Indian slippers motifs on a bright blue background. This is probably as Indian as it can get. And this motif has actually caught my fancy. I have fallen in love with it.

Utility: The kit has 2 zipped compartment. One on the outside – can be used to store bobby/safety pins and another inside for more private stuff. The kit is multipurpose. It can be used as a make up kit, shaving kit, medicine pouch etc.

Value for Money: Priced at Rs. 1149 this is definitely value for money. India Circus ships to 200+ countries so it is perfect if you want to get some India into your life.

Buy it here.

So do you own a India Circus product too? Which one is your favourite? Tell me about it.

(This post is in collaboration with India Circus – but all the circusing around is straight from the heart!)

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