Fashion {Eye}Con: Lakme Eyeconic Blue Review


I have always used a black kohl – ALWAYS! My reason for doing that was because I just could not get myself to think of any other colour that would outline the eyes better. Now call it an age old way of art but whenever I used to paint I always did my outlines with a black sketch pen. I see makeup as a form of art too. So when it comes to outlining it has to be done with black. But lately these Kareena Kapoor ads got me thinking – maybe it was time to try another colour.

A MUA had once told me that it is a lesser known fact but a blue eyeliner opens up your eyes. And it gives it a gorgeous touch. So I bought myself my first Blue Kohl – The Lakme Eyeconic Blue liner.




Product Review:

Packaging: This comes in a teal coloured packaging (as shown above). The pack itself has the colours mentioned clearly. It is a retractable liner.

Texture: It has a smooth gliding dry texture. The company claims that it does not smudge and it is waterproof. It sure does live upto its claims. It however, does not last for 10 hours (atleast not on me). It fades over time and I needed a touch up after 4 hours. The flipside is that the pack does not give out the ingredients.

Shade: This comes in 6 shades. My favourite has to be blue. It really does open up your eyes. (You can see in the pics). However, if you apply mascara, the blue line will fade behind the black lashes. I tend to use the vaseline as a mascara substitute so it is not as much of an issue.

Value for money: Priced at Rs. 200 this is definitely a steal. I recommend it to anyone and everyone I know. You can buy it here (at Rs. 180)

So which shade of the Lakme Eyeconic range is your favourite? Tell me about it.

By the way, this awesome Blue Eyeconic Kajal is a part of the Birthday Giveaway we are hosting this month! So you must participate and win one for yourself. To participate read the post on the Birthday Giveaway.


  1. NS

    Glad you liked it. I have always loved colored eye pencils. I have green, aqua, blue, violet, brown, grey. My favorites? Grey, green and blue. Try grey next. You will love it.

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