Yellow There!

Dear Bangalore Weather,

You are so unpredictable. I look into the sky at you every morning before I leave for work and you are bright and sunny. The sky too is clear blue. And then when I leave office in the evening, dark clouds have taken over. And as I am walking towards home, it suddenly starts pouring hard. And I get drenched. Why? Because when I looked at you in the morning, I decided against carrying the bulky umbrella to work. Drat!! Double Drat!!

Yours Truly,
A Bangalore Snob


Now that my little note to the weather gods is over, let me tell you how I deal with the gloomy grey weather. It becomes impossible otherwise to keep yourself upbeat. I try to keep my good spirits with me by incorporating a little bit of warmth in my dressing. And what better than Yellow to brighten up a grey day. This is a list of my favourite yellows (and golds) from my collection.

  • Yellow Promod Top: This is a super oversized top. It is perfect to brighten up your look automatically.
  • Yellow Steve Madden Bag: I use this to colour block my work look. It immediately adds some spunk to the mono chromatic work wear look.
  • Yellow Iphone Screen Cover: Oh! AB, Mom and Manasa (my bff – she hates this word) hate this yellow cover. But it brightens up my mood. And during those boring meetings at work where I only carry my phone, the yellow makes me smile 🙂
  • Rose Gold Titan Watch and Golden accessory: I am really liking this new trend of wearing a watch and similar coloured accessory. It gives out a chunky jewellery look
  • Cartier Perfume: And what uplifts your mood better than a little bit of gorgeous scent. *LOVE*

So what is your favourite Yellow piece of accessory or clothing? Tell me about it or tag me in your Instagram post. I am on Instagram as ankita_thebloresnob.

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