{Time}less and Forever

Oh the mushy feeling to be in love. To walk in the rain under 1 umbrella. To look into each others eyes as you drink coffee. To wake up seeing the smiling face of your companion for life and beyond. I have been married for over 3 years now, and each day with AB teaches me about life and myself. We have our highs and lows, but the whole point is to learn to ride this roller coaster called marriage and enjoy every bit of it.


Oh – you must be wondering why am I in this philosophical romantic gushy mode. Well its raining in Bangalore and that sets the mood for romance. On one of the weekends AB and I had a wonderful time walking down Brigade road in the drizzle. We were this bunch of college goers who were madly in love. You know they say that post marriage the love vanishes but that is not the case. And we proved it beyond doubt that weekend. If you spotted a couple laughing off to glory and jumping puddles you probably noticed us.

And then AB gifted me this watch. Its Rose Gold and Silver (yes they look lovely together). And it looks so stylish! I fell in love. And even more when I turned it around and saw that it was engraved. Oh my god! I jumped with joy – I finally had something that was customised for me. It said “AB’s Forever”. Yes we were in this roller-coaster ride TOGETHER and FOREVER.





Sunglasses – Propshop 24
Blue Shirt – Flicked from sister’s closet
Watch – Titan
Lipstick – Colorbar Tickle Me Pink

Engraved Watch:

This is perfect wedding anniversary gift. This service (engraving) is available free of charge on a purchase of a watch in select Titan Stores. In Bangalore you can get it done at the Titan Store on MG Road. Is this something you would want to gift your husband-wife/ gf-bf? I definitely loved the idea and I think it is a perfect present for your loved one.

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