It’s the time to Ombre


The term “ombre” basically means colours that shade into each other. And this term is quite a fad lately. I remember reading about Ombre Jeans only a few months ago and that was what started this rage. This has now spread to almost everything – shirts, skirts, even hair. Yes Ombre hair colour is the talk of the town. Maybe I would brave myself enough one day and try it out. But for now I will have to stick to less permanent option. You know options where I can carry this trend around for a day and then hang it back in the closet. Sooo… I bought myself this ombre skirt. This skirt has a peasant skirt feel to it. And its a midi (another biggie in the fashion town). I am totally loving this skirt. And for my look this time I decided to pair it with a white shirt to keep it simple and added gold and blue accessories to make it look spunky.




White Shirt & Ombre Skirt: Bhane
Gold Bracelet + Blue Statement Necklace: Myntra
Nude Shoes: Charles & Keith

So .. do you like this look? Tell me!


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