What2Wear: Date Night/Brunch

Heading out on a date over the weekend? Heading to a lounge or a restaurant for a party? Or maybe just to a friends place for a house party? I am sure you want to look different and stand out – don’t all of us? And you take out your pair of fitting denims and a lovely white shirt. You pair it with a statement necklace an you head out. But when you reach the destination you see that half of the girls there are also dressed in denims. #EpicFail. You spend the rest of the amazing night just wondering why did you not wear that dress or the skirt? But then the other half of the girly crowd is wearing that shift dress or skirt which is another common sight. So why not beat all that and wear something which makes everything else look passe.

I have lately bought this nice black jumpsuit which is super easy to carry. And especially since it is made out of a flowy fabric it falls really well on me. And since it is a solid black colour, accessorizing it can be so easy.

Quick Styling Tip:

If you are heading for a night party to a lounge – Dress up your jumpsuit with a pair of heals and some statement jewelry. Carry a clutch and you are sorted. If you are heading out for a brunch – Dress your jumpsuit down with a pair of flats and a scarf or some basic jewelry. Carry a tote for this look and look uber chic.

When I was heading out with AB to a lounge, this is how I wore the jumpsuit. Tell me what did you think about it. Also tell me how you wear it?




Jumpsuit – Myntra.com
Blue Peeptoes – Delhi Promenade (a gift from my sister)
Blue Statement Necklace – Myntra.com
Gold Cuffs – Myntra.com
Clutch – QUP

(Psst.. this is not a Myntra.com Advertisement. Lol! I am that obsessed with online shopping)

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