5 things to do for the long weekend


The joys of those 10 mandatory holidays that a corporate has to give is unmatchable. Every January when the new holiday calendar rolls out the first thing I do is look into the calendar to see if any of those 10 mandatory holidays fall on a Friday or a Monday. And if it does I do a little Joey dance in my head (and sometimes in the loo cubicle too). I don’t always plan a weekend getaway on these long weekends (as most of us corporate folks call it), but then the idea of sitting at home without having to attend those boring meetings or answering those long emails is a bliss. And 2014 is proving to be a gorgeous year with 15th August falling on a Friday, 29th August falling on a Friday too and then the mega bumper 2nd Oct and 3rd Oct on a Thursday and Friday. I have done that backflip out of joy in my head atleast a 1000 times. Ofcourse I cannot really do it.

So what are your plans for the weekend? Here is my list of 5 things you can do. I would probably be doing a few of these myself. I just need some more motivation to plan a big getaway.

  1. Weekend Getaway: You can go to Goa, Coorg, Ooty, Bandipur, Wayanad.. to name a few.  2 days 3 nights of bliss. If you are a bigger group hire a Tempo Traveler or drive down. If its just you and your spouse drive down (if you have a car) or take the bus. Bus services out of Bangalore are fabulous.
  2. Plan a long drive: So you do not want to spend all the three days outside Bangalore. You probably have some pending work to take care of? No worries. Plan a long drive to Kamath or Kadu Mane on Mysore road. Or just head to Mysore and head back by the evening. If you are planning just a long drive do it on Saturday. On Friday, the roads would be packed with the Weekend Getaway folks and Sunday would be packed with folks returning from these getaways. Saturday would be your best bet to avoid majority of the traffic.
  3. Explore Bangalore: Been living in Bangalore for over a year and have not visited the vineyards, Nandi Hills, Tipu Sultan’s fort, or just taken a ride on the metro. What will you tell your non- Bangalore friends when they ask you if you have done any of this? Well, don’t just keep planning. Do one/few/all of this over the extended weekend.
  4. Be patriotic: Yes it is independence day. You are expected to celebrate the freedom. Go all out – wear a pin-up flag on your sleeve. Wear a tricolor dress as you head out on the 15th. Participate in your local flag hoisting ceremony (yes get up early). Be patriotic. And tell your kids about how you celebrated Independence Day during your childhood. Tell them about the school march past and flag hoisting. Or just host an Independence Day movie marathon. There are some amazing movies on a few history lessons. Maybe its time to revisit them.
  5. Be a good citizen: I really love the work being done by The Ugly Indian. Be the ugly indian and contribute in making the place you live in a much cleaner place. Be a good Indian citizen for a change. Infact do not just do it for this weekend – do it everytime you can.

That was a good summation – don’t you think? So now tell me what are your plans for the “long weekend”.


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