The Birthday Giveaway – Winners

I know! I know! I am a day late. Yes I had to announce the winners on 15th August as per my promise – but guys it was really hard picking up a winner. I tried everything – a rating system, a point system between AB and me and all other possible logical way of finalizing the winner. Unfortunately maths in all possible forms failed me and I had to finally resort to “eenie meenie miney mo”.

Needless to say – I loved all the entries. And I got quite a few of them. I was not really expecting so many and hence I had decided picking 1 winner would be an easy task (Note to self for future giveaway – do not underestimate the number of entries). So after a day long deliberation and lots of arguments between AB and me – he finally suggested to pick 2 instead of just 1 winner (Sometimes I love this man for coming up with these super smart ideas).

Ok! Ok! I have blabbered enough – here are the 2 winners.


Sarika Nagdeo: Super Sexy Selfie! And I love your tresses. You must tell me your hair care routine.

Manasa Rao: A Wedding Selfie! WOW! I was so nervous on my wedding day that I could not think of this idea at all. This pic would go down in golden frames in the selfie history (if there is ever such a thing done).

Please mail me your mailing address and phone number at

For all the other gorgeous girls who participated – I loved all your entries and if I could have I would have selected all your entries. But I had to finally pick two. I do plan to do a lot more giveaways and would love if you guys participate there. Thank you for making this an amazing experience. Lots of love to all of you!!

A special thanks to AB for coming up with the brilliant idea to pick up two winners instead of one. Love you sweetheart for being this awesome!

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