DIY: White-Gold Nailart


I have been toying with the idea of doing a nailart post for sometime now. Actually ever since I have bought myself these Maybelline Color Show nail paints. The variety of colors they offer is amazing, I have seen a lot of white gold nail arts on pinterest and blogging world and decided I wanted to do my own bit to this. Ofcourse this is slightly difficult to achieve and hence I would recommend getting a friend to help especially when you are trying to apply it on your writing hand (right hand for me).

Things you need:

  • Nail paints – White and Gold
  • Scotch tape (or sellotape)
  • Scissors
  • Top Coat


1. Paint your nails white. Apply two coats to get an even finish. Let it dry completely.
2. Apply the gold paint on the nail tips. Try to get the excess nail paint off the application brush and then glide it across the nail tip. Let it dry completely.


3. Now for the tough part: Cut the tape and stick it right under the mark where you want to make the second line. This is to ensure that your line is clean and all the extra strokes spill gets onto the tape which can be removed later.


4, Once you have painted the line with the tape on, remove the tape while the paint is still somewhat wet. If it dries up, there are chances the 2nd line paint may flake out when you remove the tape. Let the 2nd line paint dry completely.
5. Apply the top coat to even out the nail paint. And viola!


Achieving this to perfection may take more than one try. And you would need help for the second line in your writing hand. So keep your friend around. Hope you have fun trying this version of the white gold nail paints!

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