5 Must Have Denims (or the look alikes)


Denim – all of us have them in some form or the other in our wardrobe. I love my own denim collection. But sometimes we tend to over-focus on just one type. And that is the problem with all of us. We do not pay attention to include variety in our wardrobe. Instead we tend to just focus on one type of clothing and fill our wardrobes with that. I have had this problem for the longest time till I started focussing on my looks. Believe it or not – I did not pay attention to my appearance in school or college. My Mom used to pester me to focus on my dressing but I was too busy being cool. I wish I had paid more attention then – but I do now. Better late than never.

Not digressing, there are 5 essential variants of denim clothing that you should try to include in your wardrobe.

1. Skinny Jeans: This should be a part of all your wardrobe. Its a myth that this is only for skinny women. Infact it looks much better on the curvy ones. The trick is to find something that fits well. I have found my perfect fit in Demi-Curve of Levis. Find yours and get one for yourself. I prefer the ones in solid colour – like the original blue. Not the ones that have a washed effect on the thighs – they make the thighs look really big. Ensure that you get the length altered according to your height. You do not want to wear the “Churidar” Jeans. If it starts ruffling at the bottom – get the extra bit chopped off.

2. Jackets/Vest: I got myself a Denim Vest from Lee. When I team it up with a casual T-Shirt and skinny jeans and canvas flats – it gives out a very sporty yet casual feel. It enhances the look of the outfit almost immediately. Denim jackets have been doing the rounds of the fashion circuit a lot lately. When worn with a nice maxi dress, it lends some structure to the dress. Worn with the right accessories it can transform a maxi into a great day dress. You can find some really nice jackets at Zara.

3. Skirt: A denim skirt is multi-purpose. You can make it look sporty if worn with a T-Shirt and canvas shoes and a backpack. You can transform it into your dinner attire by swapping the canvas shoes with high heels. And you can decide the length that works best for you – knee length if you feel a little conscious of showing too much of legs and a mini if you can rock it. I have picked up some of my favourite denim skirts from Sarojini Nagar market. And if you have good bargaining skills you can get yourself a steal of a deal.

4. Shorts: The other obvious element in your wardrobe. As kids I always had a pair of denim shorts. My Mom made us wear it to all our travel expeditions. When I grew up I continued wearing my denim shorts to my travel expeditions. If I am in Goa – I must be wearing my denim shorts on one of the days. They go really well for sight-seeing or if you want to just wear something over your swim-suit to the beach. Again I have got all my shorts from Sarojini Nagar. A steal of a deal.

5. Chambray Shirt: Now chambray fabric isn’t exactly denim though it looks like it. But for the sake of the post let us keep it in the list for the sheer reason of its (deceptive) appearance. Denim on Denim, Denim up Colour down trends are very in. And a denim shirt can get really heavy so opt for the lighter option. There are so many variations in the chambray design. Pick one that catches your fancy.

Apart from the above trends, you can also try dress (maxi or short), jumpsuit, boyfriend jeans, capris – whatever catches your fancy. A denim backpack, denim canvas shoes, or a denim sling bag are other ways you can rock denim in your look.

What is your favourite Denim must have?

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