What’s in my bag!

My bag is usually a clutter fest. I am your typical “girl” who can take forever to find something in it. And god bless those who try to find something in there. Remember Phoebe from Friends who took out a gold fish in a water pouch from her bag – yes I am that bad. At one time I was carrying toothbrush in my bag (I don’t know why) to work. I am on a mission to de-clutter it. And I decided it would be a good idea to share my de-cluttering experience with you – hopefully we would be able to discover something new.

In this post let me take you through the bare essentials in my bag!



Keys, Phone and Sunglasses. I cannot, just cannot live without these three things. On some days I can go without the makeup and touch up, but I cannot leave the house without these.


Face-compact, Lipstick, Blush, Kohl, and Vaseline. I cannot emphasize on how important it is to stay fresh all the time and a touch up becomes an important part of this whole staying fresh bit. Carry a great fragrance to smell good all the time.

And now meet the MOST important item in my bag, item 10 – the wallet.

Wallet c/o India Circus

I used to carry my husband’s wallet originally. I always found them more useful than those pouches which is available for us girls. I loved the compartments and sections a man’s wallet has for all basic essentials. The equivalent options for ladies was either pocket heavy or bleh! And then I saw this India Circus Wallet which I have been using and loving. It is perfect to store the Pan card, Debits and Credit Cards and my TBS Visiting Cards. And a perfect place to store the notes and coins. This is just the right size to move from bag to bag. Compact.




You can buy one for yourself here.

Product Review:

Material: Faux Leather. This is very sturdy. I have been using it for almost a month now and have faced no material defects.

Design: When it comes to India Circus you do not have to think twice about design. All the items on their website have a unique quirky or eclectic design to it. I love it because it does not come in the usual boring brown/black/red color – it has a unique design that sets your wallet apart.

Utility: It has a lot of sections to store your money, cards and other important stuff. And it proves to be a very handy solution when you frequently change your bag. Just move the wallet to a different bag and you are sorted.

Value for Money: Priced at Rs. 999 this is value for money. India Circus ships to 200+ countries – so do not wait. Get some India into your life too.

I am in love with the items at India Circus. You can read my review about their Travel Kit here. Do you too carry some Circus in your bag? Tell me about it.

(The Wallet Review is in collaboration with India Circus – the review is as usual HONEST)

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