Nail Paint Inspiration: Two In One


Inspiration: I have a very limited choice as far as ice-cream goes. I do not like all the flavours. Actually, to be precise – I only like 3 flavours. Mango, Strawberry and Vanilla. Any thing else and I will look another way. When I was a kid, these Kwality Walls ice-cream vendor would ride their ice-cream carts around the our society. They did not have mango ice-cream in a cup, but they did have the second best option – vanilla and strawberry in one. Yes! two in one is what we called them then. I loved it because it was two of my favourite ice-creams in the price of one.


So my nail-art for this week is inspired by my favourite yester-year ice-cream – Two in One. The colors I chose for this is Maybelline Color Show New York Pink and White. I decided to give the usual french manicure a Two-in-One twist.

Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Paint: Product Review

Packaging: They come in cylindrical glass 6ml bottles. I think this is a great idea to buy this size since you don’t have to fear the paint becoming too thick over time.

Application: Easy to apply. I used both the shades to do the french strip at the tip of the nails and it was easy to glide the application brush across.

Shade: They come in a variety of shade. I have used Porcelain Party 102 (White) and Pink Voltage 010 (Pink). White is the typical opaque porcelain white shade. Pink has a little shine and glitter.

Value for money: They are priced at Rs. 75 each. Go and grab as many as you can – in all shades possible.

What are you favourite shades?

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