5 Fav Online Shopping Sites

Retail therapy is the best therapy for a tired soul. And whats better than online shopping – you are comfortably perched on your chair and browsing through various sites, comparing prices, looking at various options and finally clicking to add your favourite product to your cart. Click Click and its done and within a week you would have your purchase delivered at your doorstep. Obviously, I am hooked to it. And these are my favourite sites for clothes-shoes-accessories shopping.

1. Myntra.com: A biggie in fashion e-retail domain. It has an amazingly huge inventory.

Service: I ordered around 7 items from here lately and apart from 1 item (which gets shipped from their partner warehouse) everything else reached me in 2 days flat. Infact 5 got delivered the very next day. So in terms of service I would have to give it 4 on 5. I will deduct 1 because I have not received any communication on last piece till I followed up with their customer care.

Quality: The jewelry I ordered is all perfect. A lot of the items listed on the site is branded – UCB, Vero Moda, Guess etc. So you can be assured of the quality there. For the lesser known brands I recommend not raising the expectations too high. I ordered a Jumpsuit from one of the lesser known brands and I was pretty impressed with the fit. And if you are dissatisfied you can return your purchase. Easy returns.

2. DoneByNone.com: What I really like about this site is that it is not at all expensive. Most of the items on this site is within the Rs. 2000 range. A lot of their product are meant for college go-ers but it isn’t like you and I cannot wear it. I have bought jackets and shoes from here and I do not look like a wannabe-teenager when I wear them.

Service: They take 3-5 days for delivery. And they are super quick at times. I ordered my shoes on a Thursday and received them by Saturday. I would rate this site a 4 on 5

Quality: The quality is good too. They actually describe their product in detail unlike a lot of other sites. So if you know what the cloth type means you will not be disappointed.

3. Bhane.com: If contemporary clothing is you thing and you too (like me) are a casualista more than just another fashionista then this is the site for you. Clothes that are wearable and affordable are all available here. What I particularly like about the site is their unique way of showing their products not via those size zero models but on regular people – “aam janta”.

Service: I am a fan of their service and I will tell you why – I ordered a skirt and shirt from them. I immediately got a notification in the next 24 hours that my clothes would get shipped via fedex and would reach me in another day. However, their was some problem when I was placing the order and my full address did not get registered – so I emailed them to let them know of this miss. They followed up with me and the Fed-ex people and ensured that I got my order. I got it a day later – but that was because of my miss when I was giving the address. I would give the service a 4 on 5.

Quality: Oh the clothes are comfortable, and wearable. The quality is EXACTLY what they promise and what you see. It is a site you must visit and buy from if this is your style.

4. TheClosetLabel.com: Styled my Malaika Arora. I like a lot of items on this site. My only issue is that they are not restocking my favourite Gold sandals 😦

Service: They take around 1 week of delivery. My problem with the folks here is that their customer service is open for a limited window (10 AM to 6 PM Mondays to Fridays only). Now most of us who have a decently hectic schedule only find weekends free to be able to follow up. They also take 1-2 days before responding to your mail. But you can be assured that your product will reach you within the 2-10 days mark. I would rate their service a 3 on 5.

Quality: I ordered a Chambray Shirt and a few accessories. The quality of the shirt is super. The accessories too are real good. I am super impressed with the quality of their product and I will order from them in the future.

5. AmericanSwan.com: This is another favourite of mine. Hubby calls it my Friday dressing shopping site. And rightly said – the range of casual tees and trousers that this site offers is amazing. And the discounts they offer are brilliant. Infact I bought my first set of boat shoes from this site. And I have been wearing it for almost a year.

Service: So I have ordered from them twice. The first time when I ordered my boat shoes, I received my order in 3-5 days (excuse me but it has been some time since I ordered it so I do not remember the exact number of days). The second time around I had made a bigger order – a Tee, a Trouser (on discount), and a Tote. After waiting for 3 days when the order did not reach me, I called up their customer service who told me that they had not processed my order because they were out of stock on the trouser. I was disappointed cause if that was the case they could have dropped me an email or called me instead of leaving my order hanging in the air. When I asked them to cancel the trouser – and send me the rest, they got it delivered in 2 days and refunded my money into my bank account in 7 days. I would rate their customer service 3 on 5 too.

Quality: Boat Shoes – Excellent. I love it. T-Shirt – Amazing material and really fits well. Tote – Its a canvas tote and its very sturdy. But since the tote is white in colour it has got really dirty over time. I plan to wash it but I am scared that the red strap might bleed.

Please Note: All the listed sites are ones I have personally shopped from. These sites have not paid me in any form to get featured here. Ofcourse there are other sites which must be equally great – of the top of my head JABONG. But I have not personally shopped from there or anywhere else so I did not list their service and quality here. 


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