The Sunday Story

A day of no work. A day for complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Sunday is a day for me. I have a decently hectic work schedule, and Monday to Friday just breezes past by. Weekends are usually when I end up completing my personal work, meeting friends, shopping and relaxing and getting geared up for the next week. Sundays are when I just stay at home and finish up all the pending house chores. And once all that is done, I pull my bean bag outside into the deck area, and start editing pictures and writing posts for the blog. A perfect companion for all this blogging activity is a cup of hot coffee. Caffeine has a calming effect on my nerves and helps me think straight.

So when the opportunity to review The Elephant Company coffee mug presented itself, I decided to show the you guys a sneak peak of my laid back self. So this is me right now, as I write this post. I just let the camera do its job as I wrote this post.



About The Elephant Company and the Bangalore Map Coffee Mug: TEC is committed to translating global aesthetics into unique pieces (like the mug). They retail online through and through The Bombay Store outlets in Bombay, Pune and Bangalore (there is one in MG1 Mall). The Bangalore Map mug costs Rs.375 only and is a great gifting idea. This can be bought here.


They also have a great collection of scented candles which is a perfect buy for your house. I really love the aroma of this strawberry one in particular. It is called Yankee Jar Strawberry Crush. And these last really long. You can buy yourself one here. They cost Rs. 295 only. TEC is also launching a range of Diwali special designs by the end of September so keep a lookout for these when you go  Diwali shopping.


(This post is in collaboration with The Elephant Company)

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