5 Must-Have Photo Apps

Now I am no photographer, but I would love to have these pro-pics taken. Unfortunately, just having a good camera was not a measure of being a good photographer. And even if you did click great pics – editing them to bring out the right colour balance was another ball game. And that is when Instagram happened. Filters that let me edit my pics to make them look vintage and gorgeous was an awesome feature. I have been hooked to it ever since I discovered it. But people around me evolved. Just Instagram edits are not enough – to add your personal touch you have more apps that allow you to overcome the limitations of Instagram (like the Square frame). But there are so many apps – which one do you need? These are the top 5 I use.

1. Waterlogue: (Paid) This is such an amazing app. It converts all the photos into water coloured versions. You must download this if you want to add a little artistic element to your pictures. I typically use this for posts where I do not have any particular picture to share but I want to set the tone for the post with one featured pic. Like this post.
iOS Version | (There is no android version)

2. PicStitch: (Free) This is a great app of you want to share multiple pics via 1 instagram update. Maybe share different elements of your outfit or share pictures of everything that happened on a particular event.
iOS Version | Android Version

3. Vintique: (Paid) Sometimes you have a pic that is not a perfect square. But if you want to share it via Instagram – you either crop the picture or do not share the pic at all. Vintique comes to your rescue there. It adds the white border around the picture and makes it a perfect quare to share via Instagram. Some really cool instagrammers use this (or some other app) to format their pictures white white borders.
iOS Version | Android Version

4. Instasize: (Free) This allows you to add colourful background to your rectangular pics. While in Vintique you can only have white background and it gives a vintage feel to your pics, this app gives your pic some quirk.
iOS Version | Android Version

5. Flipagram: Want to make a digital flip book? And while you are at it – have some music embedded into it too? Then this is the app for you. I have used it to show my before-during-after look during my recent haircut expedition.
iOS Version | Android Version

What are your favourite apps for Instagram? By the way are you following me on Instagram? Do so for daily updates.

17th September 2014 Update:

My best friend and one of the first readers of the blog told me about this 1 app that did not feature on my list. She actually messaged me right after reading this post and after reading her message I was compelled to post this here.

“Another best photo editing app present out there is VSCO cam. It was present only for iPhone until very recently when it was finally introduced to android. It offers amazing bundles of preset that are available both for free and for purchase for attractive low prices. Also editing the photos are real easy and provides often amazing results. You can also share the photos to Instagram directly from this app. So much is it’s popularity, that there are many blogs that explain the methods of getting VSCO cam editing effects in Photoshop. So this is a must have for beginners to experts alike.” – Manasa Rao

iOS Version | Android Version

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