The White Shirt Project: Look 1

I am a lover of minimalism and the colour white. Infact the fascination for white runs in my genes. My maternal grand-mom (or as we fondly call her “Nani”) has a wadrobe section dedicate to just crisp white cotton sarees. When I would visit her house and raid her wardrobe to play dress-up, all I would find was crisp white cotton sarees. Ofcourse, back then it was a big turn off as they would not drape as per my liking and they were “plain white”. And my Mom – she would go out shopping to include some colour into her wardrobe, and end up buying two white suits instead. Her bias to white was so obvious that if Dad had to shop for her – he would pick up a white (or off white) saree and know that mom would love it.

The craze thus was passed on from generations and now I have the mantel on my shoulders. My favourite has to be the white shirt. It is such a great part of the wardrobe. It can go along with anything. Pair it with a formal trousers and you have the quintessential formal look. Pair it with blue jeans and you have a classic. It is a perfect canvas. So I decided to start a new project where I would show you the different looks you can create with a basic white shirt.

For my first look, I paired a long white shirt with a crop jacket and blue jeans and viola – I have a runway ready look. I created this look on pen and paper first and then in real life – have been itching to draw really!





Jacket: DoneByNone
White Shirt: Thrifted
Blue Jeans: Levis
Black Heels: Dolcis (Koovs)
Red Clutch: Pelicans & Penguins

So did you like the look? And what do you think about the illustration?


  1. A.D!!

    Love the look 🙂 Such a perfect jacket to go with the white shirt and also the pop of color with the accessories especially the gold on your wrist is great. The illustration is Very beautifully done as well.

    1. thebangaloresnob

      Hey Ayshu,

      If you want to go thrift shopping head to Commercial Street. MG Road and Brigade should definitely feature on your place to visit. Indiranagar 100ft Road if you are a big foodie. Hope you enjoy your visit!


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