The White Shirt Project: Look 2

I get bored of my own clothes really soon. On a lot of days I look at my wardrobe and tell myself that I have had the same things for a very long time. And just when I am completely convinced, the thought of another shopping expedition and AB’s reaction to it puts me off. So then I do the second best thing – I draw. I draw whatever I would love to wear and buy and through these drawings I realise my fashion dreams. Also, in my drawings I have a perfect petite body, but that is just imagination running wild! I have been drawing things like this ever since I was a kid. Infact I used to have a little notebook that housed my fashion fantasies. Unfortunately, I have misplaced that notebook now. Thankfully, I can never misplace the blog.

Lately, I have been trying to combine little items from my wardrobe and create a look out of it on paper. And if it looks good on paper, it then goes through the click-click test. Ofcourse, A LOT of my drawings do not get to make it to the blog – some of them are too Plain-Jane and the others are too radical. But some of them look really nice and makes me wonder why did I never put them together before. And this one is exactly that.

So for my second White Shirt Project look, I paired up my husbands formal white shirt (which fit me like a dream) with a green bandhini-like print skirt and flats. I also have a red shrug-vest and I threw that into the look too, just incase the husband-shirt (yes I have decided to call it that and not the commonly used “boyfriend shirt”) looked very unstructured. But I like both, with-the-shrug and without-the-shrug look.I also tied my hair in a messy braid to complete the look.








Something very interesting about this look is that its a lot of simple elements that come together to and fits just right . The shrug, the skirt and the neckpiece are thrifted finds and the shirt is flicked from AB’s wardrobe (I think it is a custom made shirt from our wedding). I decided to sport his watch too for the look.

So, tell me how does this look? And are you enjoying the little illustrations that I am doing along side? Tell me, because I love to hear from you guys!

PS: I am going on a mini vacation so expect delayed but A LOT of updates next week! Follow me on Instagram to get instant updates.


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