Sneak Peek


Well, we have FINALLY moved into the new house. Yes yes after 2 years of me ranting about how my house was shaping up – we have finally moved in. And that is the reason why I have been MIA for the last few weeks. I was sorting, discarding, packing, unpacking and cleaning the entire of last few weeks. I am still not done though – I have so much to do. Setting up a house to perfection is no child’s play. And even though I have done it before in bits and pieces it is not easy ever. I say bits and pieces because I have helped Mom several times when we would move from one city to another. And we moved a lot, especially since my Dad was on a transferable job. But that was just kiddie help – you know like sorting my own cupboard. But the whole house is a different ball game. I have new found respect for my Mom now.

Now that I have moved in, I am still setting up the house, getting stuff fixed or changed. Its a lot of work especially since this is a new complex. Getting the internet connection up and running was another challenge. And there still are the outage patches which I will learn to live with. But while I have been dealing with this super difficult task, I have not forgotten about my blogger responsibilities. If you have been following me on Instagram or Facebook – you would be getting these updates (though few and far in between) of the new house. For those who are not following me – this post will serve as you glimpse into the new house. I would be doing an elaborate post later – but till then treat this as your teaser.




Spare the not so great photography – I just got to excited and had to share this. Also, I realised today that I have not done a single post in October and I did not want to let this month go without a published post. So here it is. Tell me your thoughts?


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