Winter is here

If you are anywhere north of Tropic of Cancer (in India), you have already started experiencing the winter chill. Below Tropic of Cancer is another story. I was in Mumbai last week and it was hot there – infact so hot that we were almost sweating. Chennai too reports the temperature of 30 degrees. But if you are in Bangalore you would be confused on all days – wondering if you should carry your jacket to work or not. If you step outside your house around 11:00 AM – it is sunny. And mostly during this time I am convinced that I would not need anything warm during the day. But come 6:00 PM as the sun starts setting and the cold breeze takes over – I am regretting my decision. By the evening I am almost always cursing myself for not bringing my jacket along. Sigh! Such is life in Bangalore.

Last weekend, when I was window shopping and I spotted this Leather Jacket in Zara I knew I wanted it. But I was shopping with my toughie – Mom. She asked me to explain the need for this jacket. Ofcourse, I convinced her that I needed it but then it was not easy and I had almost let it go (thank god I did not). I think I gave her the same logic that Monica gave Chandler in Friends for her expensive boots. My logic was “Mom I can wear it anywhere and everywhere – to work, to get-togethers etc..” And then when I was heading to work today – Mom asked me to carry the jacket and phat came my reply “I am not going to carry my expensive leather jacket to work”. Mom’s reaction was priceless. If I were a little girl or if she had a cane in her hand, she would have given me a decent thrashing. #THANKGODIAMOLDER



ย Leather Jacket, Jeans & Shoes: Zara
T-Shirt: UCB

So this is my Bangalore Winter-ish look. Likey?


  1. bee

    This is the first post of yours i read and instantly clicked the follow button ! Mainly because the F.R.I.E.N.D.S reference ! and secondly cz presently I am hunting for a perfect leather jacket and convincing Ma side by side for it ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

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