Moroccan Oil {Review}

I had been blessed with great hair courtesy my maternal genes. Unfortunately, I have been blessed with greater laziness. I have managed to take some great genetically blessed hair and convert it into a heap of frizzy strands with split ends.But I have been trying to turn into a new leaf and taking care of my hair has been on my agenda items lately. When I read about this Moroccan Oil – I knew I had to try this and find out if it was worth the hype! So here is my review:


Packaging: It comes in a glass bottle with a dropper packed in a turquoise blue box. The one that I bought is 100ml.

Application & Effect: To apply simple use a drop of the oil. This is essentially meant to be used as a replacement of your hair serum (like Livon). The content is rich in Argan oil which serves as an antioxidant that enhances manageability and shine and delivers a smoothness. When you squeeze the liquid out – it is slightly yellow in colour and 1 drop is enough for my medium to long hair. It is odourless. Do not use more than 1 or 2 drops as it might grease the hair. I use it only on my damp hair (after a hairwash) that allows the serum to spread better.

Value for Money: It costs Rs. 2430 (for the 100ml bottle). I have used it for a couple of times though and it does help smoothen the rough ends of my hair. A 100ml bottle should last long enough if used judiciously. Let’s face it – it is an expensive product but if you are one of those who does not mind spending on an expensive product or if you have experimented a lot with your hair like me, this might not be a bad investment. I have medium to long length hair and I just need a drop to cover my ends.

Cons: The flip-side to this product is that it is high on chemical content (strangely which is not mentioned on the box) and so some strongly advise against using it. I would suggest keeping the usage on a minimal level and only use it as a hair serum on slight wet hair for better coverage and minimal use (2-3 times in a week). Try the Argan hair oil which has less chemical content and is supposed to do wonders to your damaged hair. I am planning to try that after this bottle ends.

Have you tried this yet? What is your experience?

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