The White Shirt Project: Look 3

December is FINALLY here. The last month of this roller coaster year. This year like the previous one was full of pleasant and unpleasant surprises. December also brought with itself the slightly cold chill in the air. Unlike Delhi (or any other place up north of tropic of cancer in India), where the temperatures will dip to single digits, Bangalore would continue to be as cold as it is now. Which basically means you can pull off layers, but you would not get a chance to wear boots and stockings all that much. But if you have stayed in Bangalore long enough, I think you too like me, would begin detesting the chill of Delhi. I mean, I love the winters, but I do not think I can survive it anymore. Bangalore spoils you that ways.

So for my third look for the White Shirt Project, I decided to do a little bit of layering and paired my white shirt with a dress. While I was trying this I could not help but think of those innumerable times back in school when Mom would make my wear skivis inside my dresses during winters to avoid cold.



White Shirt: Thrifted
Dress: AND
Shoes: Zara

So what do you think of this new look? I really am in awe of how much can really be done with the white shirt!

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