Wear Your Blues

Every week, come Sunday afternoon (or sometimes Sunday morning) I start dreading the upcoming 5 weekdays. Especially Mondays. Sometimes I feel that the song Bloody Khooni Monday describes my Monday Blues in the best possible way. But this time I decided that I will allow the blue to take over me but not put me down. So this Sunday I decided to wear my blues – almost literally. I wore my blue sweater with my black skirt. I am in love with particular shade of blue. Now most of my winter wear comprised of greys and blacks but I think winter does not have to be only about greys. I love the pop of colour this sweater adds to the outfit and to my mood also. Who says I need to spend the day mopping around and dreading Monday. I am going to enjoy the Sunday till the last minute and then rock the coming week ;).





Blue Sweater – Bossini
Skirt – UCB (Its 6 years old though)
Shoes – Zara
Bag – c/o Baggit

By the way, the weather in Bangalore has been kind of cold so if you have some woolens lying around, its a good time to wear them. If you feel it’s not cold enough, you can pair your sweaters with skirts like I did. So, did you like this Blue Look?


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