Ushering in 2015 the Mumbai Way

(This is long post – Be prepared!)

I was in Mumbai for the New Year Eve. And when in Mumbai you should be ready to party hard. We reached Mumbai on 31st. And by habit we left for the club by 8pm. We reached the venue by 9pm (expected – the traffic was C.R.A.Z.Y) But when we reached the venue it was empty. Zilch – nobody in there! And that is when it hit us – we were in Mumbai where the allowed party limit was 3am and they were trying to extend it to 5am (say what??) Why in the world would people arrive at 9pm? So we happily perched ourself on the seats and started with the drinks and starters. 2.5 hours and god knows how many cosmos/mohitos/liits down did the crowd actually start pouring in. The real party began at midnight when the DJ started playing bollywood numbers and then he slowly transitioned the music to Honey Singh songs. Being a true Delhite at heart we could not get off the floor for as long as the DJ kept playing songs like “Brown Rang”, “Party yuhi chalegi” etc (yes we are cheesy that ways). We do not really know when did we actually leave the party! We were high on music (and a wee little bit of alcohol)!

Look for the day (A special New Year Bonus – my sister & mine)


Now what is a party without bling? Especially if it is the new year’s eve party – we tend to bring out the best in us. I had been looking for a sequin skirt for sometime now, but either it was a little expensive  or was too sparkly. Now a gold sequin skirt does indeed look great but somehow I could not see myself spending Rs.5000 on something I might wear once or twice a year (let me be honest – I cannot pull of a gold sequinned skirt for ALL parties I attend). But when I came across this skirt in Arrow – I loved it. The best part about this was that it had bling but could perfectly work in a non-disco look too because of its subtle blue colour. And it came at a 30% discount costing me Rs. 1600 only. I teamed it with a black top and black heels. I was carrying a pair of flats also just in case. It was a good idea cause I ended up switching shoes somewhere in the night.


Black Top – Levis
Skirt – Arrow
Shoes – Koovs
Clutch – Pelicans & Penguins


Making her debut on the blog is my dear little sister. You have read how I end up raiding her closet for clothes in my About section. She has great fashion sense and truly qualifies to be a fashionista but is plain lazy (laziness runs in the family). Coincidently, my sister and I had a Black and Blue theme going on. No we had not decided on it – it is one of those things that just happened. She wore a black jumpsuit and paired it with a Blue blazer to counter the little chill in the air. She wore it with flat shoes.


Jumpsuit and Blazer – Zara
Shoes – Charles & Keith

The next day we found ourselves celebrating the 1st day of 2015 at Marine Drive. If you are in Mumbai and you do not go to Marine Drive – it is a CRIME! The queen’s necklace and the experience of sitting by the sea watching cars buzz past you is an unmatched joy. It is like taking a step back and looking at life run in front of you. How you get any work done in Mumbai is beyond me! If I was there, I would spend atleast 3-4 days a week by the sea – Juhu, Bandtstand, Carter Road,  and Marine Drive. You would just find me here.

Our stay in Mumbai was amazing. My sister and her husband played host for us. They took us around Mumbai showing us places. Our schedule was so packed courtesy them, that we slept the entire day after landing in Bangalore. I loved Mumbai – Carter Road and Marine Drive being my favourite.

So tell me how did you like the two looks for the New Year Party? How was your new years eve? Hope you had a lot of fun!


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