TWS Project: Republic Day Special

Last week we celebrated the 66th Indian Republic Day and so I decided to do a tri-colour special post to celebrate. For those who do not know yet – TWS is short for The White Shirt. With this post I have tried adding little elements (well colours actually) of the tri-colour into the outfits of this project. Now one of the tricks to wearing the colours of our national flag is to not try and incorporate all the 3 colours in one attire. Not all of us have clothes and accessories in the three colours that go together. I usually pick two colours from the three and create a look around that.


TWS Project Look 5: So for this look I chose the colour Saffron and White. I have a custom made orange phulkari vest that I paired with my white shirt and blue jeans. I like the pop of colour that the fluorescent orange phulkari vest adds to this outfit. Try pairing your bright blazers/vest with the classic white shirt blue jeans and viola – you have a bright look.


Orange Phulkari Vest – Custom made
White Shirt – M&S
Blue Jeans – Levis
Shoes – Zara

TWS Project Look 6: For this look I paired my green Zara jeggings with my white shirt. I paired it with the green jeggings to add to the patriotic twist but you can always pair your white shirt with your solid coloured jeggings. I have a red jeggings and I love pairing with with the white shirt with a black blazer.


White Shirt – M&S
Jeggings & Shoes – Zara

So tell me what do you think about the two looks? Also what do you think about the various looks we have created with the white shirt? Is this something you would like to see more of?


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