Spring in My Walk

If you are living in Bangalore, or have ever lived in Bangalore – you probably know that you can experience all the 4 seasons and sometimes more in just a couple of days. Seriously! Bangalore is like that – cold one day, rainy on the other day and bright and sunny on the third day. So there is seldom a concept of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn in Bangalore. The only time when I realise what is the season in the rest of the country, is when I pick up a fashion magazine to read about the trends for the season. That is when I figured that people are celebrating the fact that winter is almost on its way out. Which means that Spring is here. But in Bangalore – there is no spring. Going by the current temperature it is summer already. And then on other days it is winter. What happens to my spring fetish?

So this is what I did to feel that little joy of spring which is being welcomed in another part of this country – I wore floral shoes. I teamed it up with my jeans and t-shirt. Jeans because they are like my staple fashion diet. If I could, I would always wear these. And they are perfect for the constantly changing weather in Bangalore – hot during the day and cold during the evening and night. These shoes are what bring the pop of colour into my outfit and spring in my walk.



T-Shirt – Zara
Jeans – Levis
Shoes – c/o American Swan

I bought these shoes from American Swan. If I have not already raved about the site enough on my post here, I must tell you that this is a site you can trust as far as quality goes. It is also never overpriced. These shoes cost Rs. 699 only (yes it is a steal) and you can get yourself a pair here. It is also true to size. This is not the first item I have bought from American Swan – I can call myself a regular here. I have bought a tee shirt, a tote, two pairs of shoes from them. And I have always been impressed by their quality and also their service.

So tell me what do you think of my new shoes? And how do you incorporate a little bit of spring into your attire. Also, have you shopped from American Swan recently? If you have, what has been your experience like.

(This post is in collaboration with American Swan)


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