Colour Me Black & White

I am a essentially a monochrome person. I love black and white. If I had it my way – I would probably fill my wardrobe with blacks and whites. Make it a grey-scale palette at the most. So whenever I think of my next look for the White Shirt Project – I inevitable turn to pairing the white shirt with something black. I tried stopping myself for sometime but I just had to pair it with this black jumpsuit because it looked so good in my head!

Look 7: I paired my white shirt with the black jumpsuit to create a look which is somewhere between a formal and chic to casual and eccentric. I paired it with strappy heels and no accessories (trying to go minimal on that). We usually tend to pair the obvious pieces – shirt and skirts/jeans or jacket and dresses. But sometimes pairing a shirt and dress gives the outfit a whole new look. The jumpsuit here is a complete on its own but when you add the white shirt, the casual jumpsuit gets a chic structure.

So do you like it? Would you give this look a roll?



White Shirt – M&S
Black Jumpsuit – Myntra
Black Strap Heels – Koovs


    1. Ankita

      Yes I thought the same but then i tried it nonetheless. turned out pretty good. Also, i think the fabric of the shirt and the jumpsuit made the difference – since both were not stiff cotton it worked out well.

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