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Weather Update: Delhi 31 degree C Kolkata 30 degree C Mumbai 36 degree C Chennai 30 degree C Pune 34 degree C Bangalore 33 degree C No, I have not turned the blog into a weather update portal – I am just trying to drive the point that Summer Is Here. And sure, you have your clothes all sorted and are getting your air conditioners serviced for summer, but what about your sunnies? Any plans on buying a pair or updating the old scratched ones? I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of buying a pair of good quality sun glasses for yourself this summer. A big misconception is that sunglasses is just a fashion statement. So let me tell you 5 reasons why you SHOULD wear sunglasses this summer:

  1. To avoid sunburn – Yes! Eyes too can get sunburnt resulting in redness and irritation – like when you have sand stuck in your eyes.
  2. Maintaining long-term eye health – Overexposure to UV rays can lead to cataracts and glaucoma. Choose sunglasses that screen out 75 to 90 percent of light and block at least 95 percent of UVA and 99 percent UVB radiation.
  3. Preventing wrinkles – Sunglasses keep you from squinting, and squinting can increase the wrinkles around your eyes.
  4. Avoiding skin cancer – Sunglasses shield you from potential skin cancer of the eyelids.
  5. To look good – Enough said! (What?! I am a fashion blogger – wanting to look good is in my DNA)

Now that I have convinced you (hopefully) why you must own a pair of sunglasses, let me give you some good news. If you are planning to buy yourself a pair of sunglasses but are worried about the prices and the fact that the really good ones cost a bomb – fear not, is here., the most trusted site for eyewear shopping online is coming up with a super 4 day sale – the Sunglasses Carnival. The sale would start on 28th and end on 31st March 2015. There will be 5000+ sunglasses on sale including the top brands. And unlike most sales going on now where the best winter products go on sale at attractive discounts with the onset of summer, this Sunglasses Carnival is very appropriately timed with the summer almost (or already) here.

lenskart summer sunglasses carnival 2016 (1) Lenskart 10sec OPT4 23-03-15 30 Lenskart_Image1 A few tips as you go hunting for your perfect pair of sunnies on

  • Know your style – aviators, wayfarers, cat eyes. If you know what you are looking for the search is narrower and making a decision is easier
  • Try it – With’s Try Online tool you can see how the sunglasses look on you by simply uploading a photo of yourself. Make an informed decision

I have listed my experience of buying sunnies at in my previous post here. I would definitely recommend buying from them. Tell me about your experience.

(This is a sponsored post in collaboration with All views expressed in this article are genuine and from the heart)

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