Start Your Tomorrow Today

“Tomorrow, you promise yourself, things will be different, yet, tomorrow is too often a repetition of today.” – James T. McCay

We keep procrastinating & postponing the really important things in life to tomorrow. But this tomorrow almost never comes. We keep tackling mundane issues on a daily basis putting the more important things at bay to be looked at tomorrow. Our view is so short sighted that we are never able to look at the bigger picture. And prioritizing is a quality a lot of us do not posses. Then one day before our tomorrow comes, we meet our end. My Dad always told me to identify my Everest (my goal) and start working towards it from day zero (today). He told me that I would often fall and stumble on the way, but if the peak was my goal – I would reach it one day. He said that I could never reach my Everest in a day or in an instant. Success, he said, was not like instant noodle. Success was something you had to chase and if your were diligent and honest enough, one day it shall be yours.

And these important things does not just have to be your career or education goals. It should also include our social responsibilities like being a part of the Swachh Bhaarat Abhyaan or getting registered as a voter and also VOTE. We have the responsibility of making our tomorrow better. We just cannot sit back and complain about the sad state but we should stand up and do our part. And we need to do that from TODAY.





Casual/Day Out:


I have collaborated with Lee Cooper to create two looks for their Spring Summer 2015 collection. The theme for their Spring Summer 2015 collection is ‘Your Tomorrow Starts Today’ , and the idea is to make the youth feel more involved in terms of working towards a better tomorrow. The first look is a formal look which you can pull off in a non-business formal workspace. The second look is a casual day out look with a peplum top from my wardrobe. I have used the printed trousers from Lee Cooper collection for both looks as pulling denims in this heat is a pain. I really suggest that you too have a look at their new collection in store now and update your summer wardrobe. With the temperatures rising the way they are in Bangalore, wearing a pair of jeans will become a curse. The new collection at Lee Cooper is filled with summery and flowy materials to keep you as relaxed and light as possible. I am especially in love with the white chiffon top from the formal look.

Outfit Details:
Both Printed Pants, White Chiffon Top – c/o Lee Cooper
White Peplum Top – Asos
Blue Blazer (that I am wearing a gazillion time) – Forever 21
Heels – Koovs

 (This post is in collaboration with Lee Cooper)


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