Hello April!

If it gets any hotter I will marinate in my own sweat! Seriously! Its only April but the temperatures in Bangalore are crazy. It is not unusual in Bangalore though. A friend of mine recently made a very funny but apt comment – she said that the weather was seriously PMSing lately. Hot on one day and weirdly crazy-might-rain-windy on the other. I am not sure if I should stuff my bag with an umbrella or a sunscreen and deo. And while all of us are dealing with these weather blues – I have decided that I will only create non-jeans look on the blog for those people who do not want to clad themselves with tight denims and are looking for some inspiration. Plus it has also given me an excuse to shop and upgrade my wardrobe – “AB honey I do not have good summer clothes”. (Yes I am always looking for an excuse to shop).

For this summer look I paired a high-waisted shorts with crop top and blazer. I put the blazer on because I was too uncomfortable with just the crop top and shorts – the shy me took over somewhere. I do think that the blue blazer (which is my favourite recent purchase) looks great. This look will be perfect for a brunch or a day out. Infact with the right accessories and shoes you can wear this to your evening functions too. I have never owned a high waisted shorts before because I have been too uncomfortable with the idea of looking bottom heavy, but the blazer solved for that. Though, now I honestly wished I had not worn the blazer – because the one thing I want to convey to all who read my blog is that I want to be comfortable with my body type. I am getting there – overcoming my inhibitions, and I wish so do all of you. So next time I do a post with the shorts or the crop top – I probably would not have the blazer on. Till then enjoy this look and tell me if you likey!






Photo Credits: Karthik Raju Photography

Outfit Details
Crop Top – Forever New (Koovs)
Shorts – Global Desi/AND
Blazer – Forever 21
Brogues – Zara
Neck piece – Thrifted


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