Keep Calm & Stay Fit!

Life as I see it right now is like a tennis ball machine that keeps throwing challenges our way one after another. It does not bother if I have been able to tackle with the previous challenge or not. It keeps throwing the challenges my way and I need keep hitting each and everyone out of my way else I will end up injuring myself. But the tennis ball machine does not care and neither does it slow down. Tackling life like this can be very challenging and exhausting. For a long time, I was ending my day mentally exhausted and drained out but with very less/no physical work. To keep myself upbeat and happy I was indulging into eating lots of chocolate and fried food. And ofcourse, daily doze of aerated drinks. As a result I was completely ignoring my health and only living each day as it came. Which meant getting up late, getting ready in a rush, and skipping breakfast. Then getting through the various challenges of the day in form of traffic, a nagging boss, lots of work and finally at the end of the day winding up with another cola and dinner infront of the TV. This had become a vicious cycle that I was living day after day. Result was weight gain, regular stomach infections and ill-health and insomnia. I was also experiencing bouts of depressions. The hectic work was taking a toll on my emotional stability too.

Finally one day I decided to end this. I decided that I wanted to lead a healthy life without bouts of depressions. There were factors that I could not change – like traffic or my work. But I decided to change things that were in my hand. I changed my lifestyle and way of living. I started eating all 3 meals. I started with basic yoga and cardio exercises to keep myself fit. It helped me sleep properly. I also stopped taking life too seriously. No, I am not saying that I started treating everything as a joke, but I did start dealing with problems a little more calmly. I realise that I cannot have answers to all the questions and challenges immediately. So overthinking does not get me any where. There were basically 4 things that I changed in my life and I feel happier and lighter already.

  • Right Eating Habits: I started eating breakfast. No more getting up at 11:00 AM and then directly eating lunch. Infact I have started eating all three meals. And some light snacks. Eating right is so important for a healthy lifestyle. I have been doing this for the last 2 months and I feel lighter everyday. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And I have skipped this for a large part of my past. I do not intent to do that anymore. I have also curtailed the amount of tea/coffee and cola I take in. I have switched from regular milk tea to green tea. Also, I stopped eating outside during weekdays. I stick to home cooked food. The oil and spices used in outside food is not the most healthy option. And I have been having atleast 3-4 litres of water daily.
  • Working Out: I work out for 6 days a week. yoga on 3 days and cardio on the other 3 days. I had to drag myself out of bed everyday for the first month. But the second month onwards, I would feel that something is missing if I did not work out on one day. And yoga is a bliss. I have never been the flexible types but I have been enjoying the settled feeling and a wave of optimism that it brings to me. Cardio keeps me active. Weight loss is slow, but I can see the difference in my attitude and also on my skin. It also helps me keep tab on my breathing.
  • Enough Sleep: I know some people follow the Gandhian routine – i.e. they sleep for 5 hours only. Unfortunately, I am not one of these people. I HAVE to sleep for 8 hours. So I have stuck to this routine of 8 hours. I needed an alarm initially to get up, but lately my body clock has been acting up. I wake exactly after 8 hours of sleep. And I wake up all fresh.
  • Over-Thinking: STOP IT! Sometimes, you have a lot on your plate. And the only way of dealing with it, it is necessary to tackle each one at a time and not brood about it. I do not endorse procrastination but worrying about the smallest or the biggest issue will not get us anything. If we are calm, we can sort it out easily. The exercising has helped me keep my breathing in control. When in tension, I had noticed that my breath would get shorter and sharper which would not let me think and focus clearly. But due to yoga – I have been able to keep a tab on my breathing and I can consciously bring my breathing to normal and then think calmly.

So, I urge all of you to stop worrying about life and in turn resorting to unhealthy lifestyle. I want you to Keep Calm and Be Fit. And in turn BE HEALTHY.

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