The Snob is in town!

I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked this question – Why name the blog The Bangalore SNOB? Why SNOB? I always thought of myself as an introvert. I am horrible at making friends. And I find it very hard to meet new people and introduce myself. I am also sort of a loner. I like eating lunch by myself at times. It gives me sometime with myself. So when I came to Bangalore, I did not make any efforts to befriend anyone. I was just too shy. Since I did not make any friends, I ended up eating by myself and being by myself when I was at work. As a result, to an outsider I appeared to be this snooty girl who preferred eating lunch by herself instead of being with the gang. And since I was coming from Delhi, I must be super proud of myself – was the common consensus. But ladies and men, I have always been like this. In Delhi too when I was new at my workplace – I would eat alone and not talk much. But there I was just conceived to be a loner. Snob was a title bestowed upon me when I came to Bangalore.

Now snob need not necessarily be a bad thing. Atleast for me it isn’t. I realise that while I was shy and alone because of my introvert-ness, I was confident and unperturbed on the outside. People did not see the nervousness but saw the confidence that I had. Some mistook it for pride. But isn’t it something to not let the battles of your inner self show up on your face and to others. I actually felt proud of myself that  I could pull off something as brave as confidence when inside I was a nervous wreck trying to understand my new work and trying to fit in. To the outside world I was standing out. So I decided to hone this title of snob with elan and rock it via the blog.

For this look I tried to do a non-smiling, serious, I-mean-business expression. I am still learning on how to pose and express differently for different looks. I paired my blue skater skirt with my trusted friend the white shirt. This is my eighth look for The White Shirt Project. It reminded me of one of my school uniforms (white shirt and blue skirt) from over a decade ago. This look obviously was not what I had sported back then but it is a cooler and chicer adaptation of the same.

Snob Cover


Photo Credits: Karthik Raju Photography

Outfit Details
White Shirt – M&S
Skirt – Forever New (
Shoes – Zara
Sunnies – Propshop24
On my lips – Mac Flat Out Fabulous

(By the way – I am on a much needed vacation this week. Follow me on Instagram to get daily updates)


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