Everyone’s Wearing… Double Denim

You have seen it on Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, David Beckham and Katie Homes. Closer to home you have seen it on Shilpa Shetty, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor. You have also seen it on mannequins across malls. And yet you are wondering what is in trend this season! It’s no secret folks – Double Denim is here to stay. It has been the talk of the town for sometime and looks like it is here to stay. So while it will be still very hot in parts of the country to double up your denim vests with skinny jeans – maybe you can team up a chambray shirt with a denim skirt!? This is exactly what I did for my weekend customary trip to the mall. Chambray being a light fabric did not make the outfit to warm and bulky. It, however, did give it a denim feel. To break the denim monotony and add a feminine touch I wore it with my pink heels. But these can also be worn with your vans/converse.





Outfit Details:
Chambray Shirt: The Closet Label
Denim Skirt: M&S
Pink Shoes: Koovs.com
Sunnies: Rayban
On My Lips: Mac Flat Out Fabulous

Funny story from this shoot that I just have to share. For the sake of novelty, I decided to take AB to the terrace for the shoot. No disturbance and staring. And the view would have been spectacular. After all, we would be shooting at the 15th floor. We were happily posing and clicking (Me and AB respectively) when a huge gush of wind closed the entrance door. And the thing did not have any handles to pull it open. AB and I would have had our Hangover moment had AB not been carrying his phone. Thank god for mobile phones. We had to call my mom who was resting in the house 12 floors below, to come over and free us. But had she not been around or had AB not been carrying his phone – we would have been stranded for a long long time. Lesson learnt – ALWAYS carry our phone and not to shoot on the terrace till we have ensured that the doors can be opened from either sides.


    1. Ankita

      thanks Shilpa! I have a knack of locking myself in a deserted spot with usually not many options to get out but I will keep those experiences out of the blog 😛

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