Mom & Me

My Mom and I are alike in many aspect – people say that I look exactly like her. Some even call me a younger version of Mom. Yes, there is an uncanny resemblance. But that is where the similarity ends. My Mom and me – we are complete opposites. She is suave, sophisticated and elegant and I am brash, difficult and moody.She is loving and trusting and I doubt everyone. She is a complete lady and I am her complement.

Like every mother, my Mom has taught me a lot of things. To be strong, to be honest and to be kind. She has tried teaching me about being patient and humble but this is all work in progress. I do not think I am there yet. But there are things I have taught my Mom too. I am teaching Mom to lead a happy life. Strange isn’t it? Daughter teaching her mother. But yes, it happens. I have been teaching technology to her – how to use her smart phone, what to do and what NOT to do on facebook, and how to shop online etc. etc. But after my Dad passed away in 2013, I have been teaching her to live for herself. After Dad passed away, both my sister and me moved on in a way with our lives. But my Mom’s life changed completely. From dressing up every evening before my Dad arrived from work my Mom stopped decking up. She stopped getting ready. She would still wear colours but the colour in her face and eyes were gone. Fast the last 1.5 years, I have been trying to bring that colour back into her life. And then finally I brought her to Bangalore. A major shift for her from Delhi, but I figured that if I want my stylish and suave Mom back I needed her to be with me. Mom is slowly learning. It is difficult to live for yourself when you have spent the last 30 years living it for someone else. But she is trying. And finding pleasures in other smaller things. Like buying her very first Mac lipstick to watching a movie in Gold Class. And I am being patient. Letting her take her baby steps and learning to live life in a new way – for herself. After all, for the last almost 3 decades she has been nothing but super patient with me.

My Mom and me – we are complete opposites. She is suave, sophisticated and elegant and I am brash, difficult and moody.

For this Mom Special post, I decided to style Mom – the woman who has taught me the a.b.c of Style. She is the first fashion icon I knew. I remember looking at her admiringly as she would put on her makeup in front of her dressing table. And if we ever laid our hands on her vanity case – it would be getting hold of a gold chest. My sister and I would try on her lipsticks, her eyeshadows and blushes and put on her bindi. There wasn’t much styling that I needed to do though. Her wardrobe still remains an enigma to me. She always has the right clothes. I picked up this dress she has from M&S. This dress is what defines Mom. White that stands for her pure love, straight and simple cut of the dress for her simple nature and the sheer elegance of the dress – well, the look speaks for itself.

I on the other hand, am what I am. Notoriously dressed in the ripped denim from Forever 21. My Mom does not understand the concept of ripped jeans, leave alone paying to buy a new one that is already ripped. Parents huh!! What can you do about them. I styled it with my white shirt and hot pink heels. I don’t think I could have tried depicting how different Mom and I are without this attire.






Outfit Details
On Mom:
Dress: M&S
Shoes: Charles & Keith
On Me:
Ripped Denims: Forever 21
White Shirt: M&S

Hope you like the post! And here is wishing all ladies who have become mommies recently and the veterans too – A VERY HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

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  1. maggieinthemoon

    Love it!! You are an amazing daughter for being there for your Mom during this transition period in her life. Your post was very inspiring. I too, grew up inspired by my Mom’s innate sense of style. I also am very different from my Mom but regardless I know that what will never change is the fact that she is someone I can always turn to. Amazing Mother’s Day post! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Himanshu Joshi

    Dear Ankita, so happy and proud to see your post. Rashmi is so lucky to have both you sisters as her daughters. I also appreciate your simple and straightforward style of writing which comes directly from heart and is able to make a dent. God bless. Love for you.

  3. thedelhibride

    I knew I would love the styling of this post, but I didn’t expect such heartfelt words. Ok, I’m tearing up already. So I’m going to quickly finish with – more power to both of you! X.

  4. Diya

    Your mom is a fabulous person. She taught me English in standard VIII at St Joseph’s, and I studied English devoutly because of her. It was she who told the class that a male and female elephant are known as bull’s and cow’s. Nobody knew before that:)
    Lovely post!!

    1. Ankita

      Hi Diya – Thank you so much for your comment! It means a lot to me that you remember mom so fondly! I am sure she is going to touched when she reads this! She started teaching again after some break and she remembers St. Josephs and gets nostalgic about the good time she had then! thanks on her behalf 🙂

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