Keep It Light: Summer Makeup Tips

Summers are the toughest season of the year for me. Coping up with heat is a pain and then my skin breaks out at the slightest mention of makeup. You know how it is: Your makeup looked perfect when you left the house, but by the time you arrive at your destination, your eyeliner has slid half-way down your cheek and your flawless foundation has morphed into an oil slick. My mantra for summer makeup is simple – keep it natural and light. You do not want to layer your face with heavy products. The lesser the layers – the lesser are the chances of a meltdown. I would also advise staying clear of deep colours on lips and eyes – they tend to look very heavy on your face. But then you cannot avoid makeup completely. So, here is a tried and tested routine that will feel lighter and look fabulous on your face. Give this a go when you step out into the sun next time.


1. Facewash: ALWAYS clean your face before applying makeup. Get rid of all the oil and dirt from your face before you start the routine. This is not just for summers but applies for all times.


2. Moisturiser: Use a moisturiser with SPF of 15 +. I have been using Body Shop’s Seaweed Mattifying Moisturising Lotion with SPF 15. I used it during all my day outings in Delhi/Jaipur and my skin did not tan a bit.


3. Primer: The primer readies your skin for the makeup that is going to come next. The first time I read about Primers – I laughed it off thinking that walls need primers before paint, not my face. Ignorant little me. I have been applying primer for the last 1 year and I have notices how smooth the makeup looks on top of it. Invest in a good primer and it does not feel like another layer on your face. I use the Color Bar primer.


4. BB Cream: Swap your heavy foundation for these BB Creams. They are way lighter and have the same effect. I use the Ponds BB Cream and the Real Technique foundation brush for application when I need full coverage, else just my finger tips are good enough. Mix up you moisturizer with the BB cream for an even coverage. They’re lighter than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturizers. While the additives in BB creams can have the same efficacy as they would in stand-alone serums, be careful about counting on BB creams for adequate sun protection. Do not skip applying a moisturizer with SPF 15+ before.

5. Concealer: Use a concealer only where it is needed. It is not to be used all over the face. I usually apply it under my eyes. And don’t paint the under eye area with the concealer – spread it with your fingers or a brush. I use Color Bar concealer.

6. Powder/Compact: Apply some sheer powder to remove any oily spots. This also evens out the skin. Use a powder brush instead of the compact sponge. The brush will loosely apply the powder to your skin without depositing too much colour and making it thick. I use a MAC Sheer compact.


7. For the Eyes: Do not go for a thick kajal under the eye effect. It is summer and when it spreads it looks horrific. Just draw a thin line on the waterline and let it be. Use waterproof mascara if you want to. Else dab a little bit of vaseline on your finger tips and upward curl your eyelashes for a similar effect. Use a waterproof eyeliner. I usually skip the eye shadow but if you want some colour on your eyes – stick to neutral shades.

8. For the Lips: Swap your heavy lipsticks for gloss. Or wear one and apply some gloss on it. The gloss will help keeping the lips hydrated – the exposure to sun chaps the super sensitive lips skin. Steer clear of dark shades.

Keep it as close to your natural look as you can during the summers. Also, keep a blotting paper handy. Depending on the humidity – you are bound to perspire. Blotting paper will help touch up any oily sticky area. Please remember that it is equally important to clean all this makeup once you are back home. Let your skin breath as much as possible. Hopefully you would have found this useful. Let me know through the comments below.

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