You are Unique, You are Important!

You are unique, you are limitless, you are important, you are a blessing, you are a winner, you are the next big thing, you are beautiful and do not forget that.

Let me start of by telling you a little story. A story about a boy who was standing outside the school in the parking area. A teacher saw him and called out to him. He gave the boy a few instructions and asked him to follow that. As the teacher began to walk away, the boy called out – “But Sir… I am mentally retarded” the boy said. “Come again?” the teacher asked. The boy repeated “I am mentally retarded”. “So..?” Asked the teacher.. “Did you understand the instructions I gave you..”. “Yes” the boy said. “Well then go ahead and get started” said the teacher. “But Sir.. I can’t! I am retarded”. The teacher smiled and sat the boy down.. “And who told you this? The Hospital? Your Friends? Who?”. “Hospital” the boy answered. The teacher bent close to the boy and said “Son, never let someone else’s opinion of you, become your reality?”.

The boy grew up to become a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker – Les Brown. He says that the teacher saved his life. You do not want to be accepting someone else’s definition of what you are.

So as it goes, make sure you find who you are and make yourself yours to keep. It’s important to know “You can be a better you than anybody else, so stick to what you can do best”. Never mind what others do, do better yourself. Beat your own records everyday and aim for a better tomorrow. Have confidence in anything you do, as the word of Les Brown says, “I have realized most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss, but they aim too low and hit.”

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will..

For this outfit post, I decided to wear a crop top with my black palazzo pants. Crop top, people say, is for petite girls only. But I disagree. If you are confident about your body and your self – I think you can rock a crop top. Tell me how I look in mine? BTW Crop Tops and Palazzos make for an excellent summer attire! Don’t let the world’s image of your body stop you from wearing what you want to.




I am wearing:
Crop Top: Miroirs by Madhulika
Black Palazzo: Zara

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  1. urvashi

    Hi Ankita,

    Totally loved your blog and thoroughly agree to what you’ve conveyed through this post…
    Loved how aesthetically you’ve styled the crop top..

    Loads of love

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