Weekend Adventures: Exploring Bangalore

My idea of a weekend is pretty much messed up. I cannot leave the city for a quick weekend getaway almost every other weekend – however much I would like to do that. And going to malls and looking at the same mannequins can get boring after a while. Also, how many movies can you really watch? I was looking to do something very different in Bangalore ever since I have come here. That is how I have discovered some amazing things about Bangalore – Sunday Soul Sante, The Bangalore Walk, and lately the Flying Sea Stallion – a horse riding, archery, rifle shooting and frame kite flying school at Sarjapur.

We started off with archery lessons. I scored the highest in the first round of play-offs. I will not comment about the second and third rounds though (psst.. I lost BADLY). Mom hurt herself badly because she did not have her stance right – so you need to be specially careful about the instructions. Mom right now has a big clot mark on her forearm.


HorsingAround_3We then moved to horse riding lessons. These horses were gorgeous and super friendly. And TALL. I was the first to mount the horse and for people who think horse-riding is easy – NO WAYS! It is an art – and requires a great deal of strength. But it is super fun and if you get your game right – it is easy too. AB got it right rightaway. He took his horse for a ride alone – no help! I needed someone to guide the horse when I was riding it. But posing silly on it was fun!

Next up was rifle shooting practice. I do not know about you guys, but as kids I have done a lot of rifle shooting practice on balloons at fates and in parks. So this came really easily to me. Infact, I was so good that the instructor was all in praises and told me that I should probably take it up more seriously. He said that if I had taken it up seriously as a kid – who knows I could be playing national level today. IMAGINE! I was that good! I am just happy knowing that I do have some hidden talents.




We winded up by afternoon after playing with the their little lab – Pixie.

If you are looking to get trained on any of these activities – reach out to Commander Amit Maini (Retd) at flyingseastallion@gmail.com. Do tell me what is your idea of an adventurous weekend?

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  1. Malavika

    This sounds amazing. Thank you so much for finding this place and the details.
    Will try this out soon. 🙂
    One question though. Is it pleasant weather wise?

    1. Ankita

      glad i could help! we started early but it did get hotter … the location of the place is such that the temperatures are 3 degrees below the temps in the city but when it is hot it is only slightly less hotter!

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