Wardrobe Basics: Rule of 3

This is not one of those articles that will tell you about 10 items your wardrobe must have. There is no fixed number of items that can be labelled your wardrobe basics. Infact I will NOT tell you about stuff you MUST have in your wardrobe. Different people, different styles. Some are jeans people while others are dressy and there are still others who want it all. The “Rule of 3” is a basic technique to identify your own wardrobe basicsIt is not like Newton’s 3rd Law… in fact it is so simple that you would wonder why did you not think of it yourself.


Identify the items you wear.

Identify the type of items you wear. Jeans, shorts, t-shirt, shirt, tops/blouses, skirts, dresses, trousers/pants, salwar suits etc. etc. Similarly identify the types of footwear you like to wear. High heels, sandals/flats, sports shoes/sneakers, mojris.
Keep you sarees separate. This rule does not apply to them and you will soon understand why.

3 types of each: Sensible, Fancy and In-Between

You must own at max 3 types of each item – sensible, fancy and in-betweens. If you have 4 or more of a type then DO NOT BUY ANOTHER ITEM!

Sensible: This is the type you wear very often. To work. To a formal outing. To a meeting with friends. Basically anything that you wear when you are not going to attend a fancy event. You would style this with minimum effort and wear it about 70% of the time. So comfort is important

Fancy: This is for those rare occasions. Parties, get-togethers, date night/day, brunches etc. This could be your costliest piece, or slightly uncomfortable. You are probably going to wear it for about 10-15% of the times. Anything FANCY/DRESSY goes here.

In-Between: Sensible yet fancy. Dressy yet comfy. Can wear to work but can also wear on date night. All those items go hear.

Rule of 3 is a basic technique to identify your own wardrobe basicsIt is not like Newton’s 3rd Law… in fact it is so simple that you would wonder why did you not think of it yourself.

For example: I own 3 types of Jeans:

Sensible: My regular blue slim fit jeans. I wear it to work and otherwise. I wear it on almost 4 out of 7 days in a week.  I bought this from Levis.

Fancy: Boyfriends jeans. I need to style it and wear it with only a select few items. But I still love it. I got these from Forever 21.

In-Between: Slightly ripped, but not too lose. Requires a little maintenance because of the colour (light blue) but super comfortable. I got this from Zara.

So if you are planning to go shopping this weekend – ensure that you have sorted your existing clothes and shoes in these buckets. At the end of this exercise you would have identified items you ACTUALLY need and things which you have probably bought JLT. It will help shop for the right clothes and things you need.


    1. Ankita

      Yes! If you are going shopping JLT then this is a good rule to keep in mind! And a good guide to show to anyone who says “don’t you hv too many clothes already?” 😉

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