Bollywood Inspired: Colour Riot

If you have not seen Tanu Weds Manu Returns yet – you are probably living under a rock. The movie is hilarious and super fun to watch. Ofcourse, the movie has its flaws but it is not meant to be taken too seriously anyways. For me, it was a fun reprieve amidst a lot of serious work. After this movie, if someone is to ask me who is my favourite Bollywood actor – my answer would be Kangana Ranaut hands-down. The lady is brilliant. She took all the crap that was thrown her way – broken relationships, jibes by almost everyone at her funny english accent and some second fiddle roles in what I would call B grade movies and turned it all around to give all the leading ladies and men of Bollywood a run for their money.

Don’t worry – this is not going to be a movie review blog post. Apart from her amazing acting skills, what I also loved about Kangana in the movie was her styling. The lady brought out the fun, quirky, loud, vibrant, boisterous and eclectic colours of India through her attire. While I thoroughly loved the character of Kusum, the styling of Tanu has left a huge impact on me. And hence I decided to dedicate not one but two posts on my adaptation of Tanu’s style. Yes, I am that inspired!

For my first look – I have paired my hot pink palazzos with a blue razor top and denim jacket and a some gold accessories to go along! The result is a colour riot – but I think I have achieved the look that I wanted to create!





Photo Credits: Abhishek Garg

I am wearing:
Global Desi Pink Palazzos
UCB Blue Razor Top
Zara Denim Jacket
Mojris from Jaipur
Sling Bag c/o Baggit
Rayban Aviators

Do tell me what you think of this look and please stay tuned for the second look to the series. Also follow me on Instagram to get daily updates!


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